Being a global steel iron leader of Turkey, Tosyalı Holding has established a significant cooperation with Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) which is a global industrial company in CAMP HILL, PA and a new joint venture has been founded in for metal recovery services and slag sales in the facilities of Tosçelik located in Osmaniye.

Thanks to the achievement of Tosyalı Harsco Geri Kazanım Teknolojileri A. Ş. founded in a 7700 m2 area in the facility of Tosçelik in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone, it is aimed at increasing the number of slag disposal facilities in other regions of our country as well.

The need for slag storage area will be minimized on the grounds that 1.2 million tons of slag wastes will be brought in economy per year through this facility and aggregate will be used as a raw material both for metal recovery and road construction, cement production, fertilizer production and such other industries.

About Harsco Environmental

Harsco went into operation in 1850s by providing slag disposal service to steel manufacturers. Later on, it expanded its business activities with onsite logistics service network in order to offer solutions which would ensure productivity in terms of raw material and product management. Today, Harscho has been providing unique logistics and environmental solutions to its customers in its industry with the help of about 12.000 employees.

Harsco Environmental has been providing service to its customers as a technology partner for the sake of a cleaner and more efficient metal production and offer effective solutions to convert production waste bulks into commercial use. The operations of Harsco which are traded at New York Exchange Market covers about 140 customers in more than 30 countries.